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William Bolcom's Works for Violin and Piano
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In this book, analysis and performance are used to develop a stylistic understanding of five of Bolcom's major works for violin and piano: Fancy Tales (1971); Duo Fantasy (1973); Second Sonata (1978); Third Sonata (1992); and Fourth Sonata (1994). An introduction provides a brief biographical sketch and an overview of the field of analysis and performance, followed by an examination of each work from historical and analytical perspectives. Interpretive suggestions for performers are informed by the resultant observations. Fresh historical insights are provided throughout, drawn from interviews with Bolcom by the author. Appendix A provides a comprehensive list of misprints and performance suggestions based on Ficsor's personal experience coaching with the composer, as well as performing, and commercially releasing these works. A must-have for anyone learning these works, this will be an indispensable addition to any violinist's performance library.

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